Lot Traceability


we have been using Lot Tracking on our raw material. We make multi-level BOMs for FG product as Make to Stock. However using Lot Trace option in Epicor Kinetic, we can only trace to the first job utilizing RM.

Our customer is asking for traceability between FG and RM with different level Boms.

How can we do it?


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You would either have to Lot Track or Serial Track all of the levels between the RM and FG.


This is the answer.

Thanks @jkane. Please advise what settings are required so RM lot no is passed onto FG in multilevel BOM and it can be tracked easily forward or backward

@Gaurav_Chandra - the settings you need are what @jkane said. You need to check the lot tracking box on each subassembly and raw material part number in the multilevel BOM. Then, when you issue a part/material to the job, it will require the relevant lot number to be entered, and you can see these lot numbers in Job Tracker. You could also then create a BAQ to report them back out.


If the FG is lot tracked the job number becomes the lot number by default and then it is issued by lot number formerly job number to the next level. PTHT and job tracker make it simple to follow the flow.

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@Gaurav_Chandra , you want all subassemblies and finished goods marked as lot tracked in Part Entry. You can assign your own lots, or as was mentioned above, the default is Job Number.

@jkane I tried doing one complete cycle with all sub-assemblies and the final assembly lot tracked. Still i am not able to do complete trace lot on 1 dashboard either forward rw-fg or fg-rw.

Please help

If you go to Lot Tracker for the raw material, can you see the transaction that issues the lot to the job?

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Yes but only level 1 job