Lot Tracker Customization

Trying to make a simple Lot Tracker Customization. Trying to add a button to the toolbar and for the life of me can’t find an appropriate event to enable the custom button. I know that the code I am using is correct to enable the button because a test button will make it available. Feels like the screen is disabling a few buttons in the toolbar after my data gets retrieved or after most of my event attempts.

baseToolbarsManager.Tools["PrintLabel"].SharedProps.Enabled = true;

Is there a better solution than enabling the toolbar button on the click of the Actions button? I’ve made sure both a part and lot are both retreived before going to the actions

You could try using the “BeforeToolDropdown” event in the Form Event Wizard if you haven’t tried already. Seems like exactly what you need if I’m reading this right!

You can use the args.Tool.Key provided in the function to check what was clicked, and if it’s the actions menu, you can do your other checks, and potentially enable this new action button.