Lot Tracking / Quality Control Question - Multiple Lots into Job for Finished Good

Hello All,

To summarize this post: multiple raw material lots go into a job… how do y’all find which lot went into each part produced?

We make jobs that are produced from lot tracked raw/semifinished material.

For example, we will make job 200005 for a 201-54 roll and the total qty to be produced is 120 Rolls.

The total job requirements for the raw material require that we issue at least 2 lots of raw materials to the job. For example, 1000 linear feet of lot ABC123 and 1000 linear feet of lot ABC456.

What we are constantly asking is what lot went into the first 60 rolls and what lot went into the last 60 rolls… Is there any way to do this in Epicor?

Right now we are getting a quality complaint with the 70th roll that was produced on job 200005 (in the example above) and they would like to know which lot of raw material was running on the machine at the time roll 70 was produced. In order to try and narrow it down we are looking at the amount of raw material that is consumed per finished roll and then guessing which lot the finished roll would have come out of. The difficult part comes when we have 3 different lots at different quantities or if the scrap rate is higher on the first raw material lot OR if the operator issued the raw material in the order that it was ran…

I’m thinking we are doing it the way anyone else would, but my first thought was, after you are done with your first lot of raw materials, go in and report how many finished parts were made. Then start on the next lot and do the same thing… But then it would force the user to clock in and out of the job each time. In other words, for each lot that is issued, we should see the same amount of labor transactions reporting the total produced quantity made out of each lot.

In short, multiple raw material lots go into a job… how do y’all find which lot went into each part produced?



One Option:

Complete the job after the first lot and create a second job for the next lot. 200005 and 200005-2

Would you propose that the operator create the second job?

Yes, that could work since creating a job, is not a long procedure. Also depends on your culture, operators and supervision but this would give you excellent lot tracking.

Second option might be to issue the raw material only when needed, then do a chronological PartTran report. First lot logically goes for the first n rolls of finished goods, then the next lot goes to the next n rolls, etc.

Thank you Mike.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately too. I agree with @Patrick I think separate jobs is the cleanest answer.