Lots tab isn't showing

We are trying to figure out how to ‘Track Lots’. We found the 'Track Lot’s documentation that says how to enable.

If I go to Vista > Production Management > Job Management > Setup > Part which takes me to ‘Part Maintenance’. I then put in my test part which we checked ‘Track Lots’ but the Lot tab doesn’t show up.

Any ideas what we might be doing wrong? Is this something you had to have a license for? Is there a way we can just do i via tsql commands?


(I think) Tracking Lots is so simple that people often expect “more” from them ( i.e. something like Track Serial Numbers).
If you have a test system you can experiment with might help by trying some simple inventory transactions (after selecting Track Lots in your part master)
a.) try making a couple simple Qty Adjustment - making sure to enter “something” different each time in the Lot number field.
b.) then check your “Part Tracker” and/or “Lot Number Entry”