Mainifest - UPS error when freighted


Just want quick see if anyone already have seen this error when shipping from UPS. Any suggestion where i should look at?

It looks like maybe you are sending a blank date somewhere in your setup.

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From the Manifest help guide:
This error can have a number of causes.

  • The Epicor Manifest Edition Country description does not match the Epicor ERP Country description. The Country Name in the Epicor ERP must exactly match the Epicor Manifest Edition Country Primary Name OR Alternate Names.

  • The Epicor ERP customer address1 may be blank. Address2 can be used but only if Address1 is also used.

  • The Epicor ERP product record may have invalid information. The Product Description CANNOT be more than 256 characters. Test using a different part number.

Example of Country codes needing to match: