Maintenance Module Meter Readings & Time Based

Hi Folks!

Im currently looking at the maintenance module and a requirement we have is our current maintenance system allows tasks to be planned automatically based where Equipment will require a meter reading either every 400 hours or 6 months whichever comes first.

Similar to how your car is serviced I guess. I can see Epicor allows time based, or meter based. But can you cooperate both?

If so and you use it in this way, could you prvide screenshots of how the plan looks for me?

Many thanks in advance!

Seems to allow both to be configured for a single Equipment Plan…

You could also have 2 plans, 1 time based and 1 meter based?

Yes I thought about 2 plans, however I think it would then execute the plan too often as it is required to be which ever is soonest…

We’ve not used anything Meter based to this point, only time based. The time based ones are working well for us.


How are you getting on with the immense load of admin in releasing engineering scheduling jobs?

We’re using our Maintenance Jobs in a very basic way - we’re not engineering operations or materials onto the jobs at present. We have the job requirements in the comment text on the header, and use the Topic 1 to classify it. We then have our engineer complete the resolution text, with a few additional UD fields to capture whether the equipment has been handed back, who to, cleaning required etc etc. It works really well for what we need to satisfy audits, but we do plan to start using the material aspects of jobs in the future.

Whats your desired work flow look like?