Maintenance Request - status change email BPMs

This is for Maintenance Requests when a status changes. Three BPMs to cover the Approval, Rejected and Completed statuses with a email notification to the requestor.

The tricky bit was how to get the requestor’s email since it’s not part of the original dataset. short bit of code, but credit goes to another user as I copied from another post and slightly modified. These are for 10.1.500.17 as uploaded.

Worked this up this morning to solve another issue, and while the Approved status check is on a particular method rather then just the update method, it could’ve been on the update method just as easily.

MaintenanceRequests.bpm (45.8 KB)


It does not include Job complete BPM

I see it now complete status function also works. But I am not able to see it either in pre or post processing of maintenance update or other functions