Make a partial payment to a PO receipt


What is the best way in Epicor 10 to pay an invoice that is of a different item quantity (less) than the corresponding PO receipt?

Did you receipt the full amount on the PO?

We normally count the item, receive the amount the supplier provided and enter the invoice for the amount received. Then pay the received amount.

If you have received the full amount and just want to partial pay the invoice, I believe you can change the amount you want to pay in the invoice. The invoice will stay open until it is fully paid or adjusted.

That makes a little more sense, I’m not an accounting wiz!

My user is performing the following steps.

  1. User receives a PO for 600 of part A
  2. User then opens up AP invoice add receipt billing lines entry and selects the original uninvoiced receipt line, except the line is for 800 of part A.
  3. The user then changes the invoice information supplier quantity to match the amount in step 1 (600)

4.This process causes the line in purchase order tracker to show the full 800 invoiced instead of leaving 200 remaining. She needs this to be reduced down to the remaining 200, I’m just not sure where in the system an end-user can pay a partial invoice quantity.

In Purchase Order Tracker, go to Releases Tab and look in list.

You should get a line saying the arrived Qty, Invoiced Qty. From my view they should be 600.

If the invoiced qty is 600, then the invoice amount should be 600 x unit cost. You can make the full payment of that invoice.

If more goods come later, you can do another Receipt Entry, e.g. 200. Then the invoice should only be 200.

If you do not want the 200 remaining, you can close the PO.

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