Make a screen open with data loaded already

Isn’t there a way to do this? I feel like I have seen it in the guides before. Some kind of search?

Specific scenario is this:

  • User opens Inspection Entry
  • System searches all open records (no filters) and returns them (without opening the search screen)

And then I’m going to customize it to always open to the Inventory tab (since we never reject or inspect anything else).

On form load you could call a simple search. Just create the simple search from the customization wizard, then call the method epicor wizard creates Form_OnLoad


The way I read this (looking at the Customization User Guide), this would open a search dialog on form load. Is that right?

I was hoping for a way to return all results on load, not open a search.

There’s some good info on this in this post.

Kinda misread your initial post a little bit I think. You want to open a tracker/entry screen will all open orders populated eh? This post is more tuned in for like a default form value sorry!

I wonder if you could find a way do this by turning on tracing and then using the search window to open multiple items, and see how it does it.

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@Asz0ka Right, but on the plus side, I rather enjoyed reading that post! The barcoding/MES sub-thread was really interesting since we are exploring that right now.

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@Evan_Purdy That’s probably over my head. I just thought I had read about this in an Epicor doc as something built in to the system. Maybe I’m imagining it.

In Inspection entry pick tools/Options and set Auto Populate Data and it will load all of the inspections when the form opens.
There is also a drop down there, but I have never used it or the Auto Load search.

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I dug a little deeper in help for the drop down. You can make a named search and have that execute when the form opens, so rather than all inspections maybe just PO receipts.

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@gpayne Aha! That’s what I was thinking of!

Well, I sure forgot to say that I was hoping to make this standard for any users of that screen. That may not be possible, but I mean, there’s only one dedicated QA part inspector, so I could just tell her to click that setting and that should be fine.

Awesome, thank you!

I use @gpayne 's solution on most forms that have limited records (Terms, ShipVia, Site Maint, etc… )

And on a couple I use a saved search, like User Security Maint loads all ACTIVE users

It looks like checking that “Auto Populate Data” does effect all users when I made a customization with it enabled. Awesome.

Chipping away at some of the pain of QA in Epicor.

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