Making a Request to RestAPI Getting:500 Internal Server Error

I’m trying to make a request to Epicor’s Rest Api using the NonConf getbyid service from an external application. I’ve got it setup and when I pass in the request using a curl command, I get results.
However, trying this out using the snip below, I get a generic 500 Internal Server Error as soon as I try to get the response and set it to a variable (not even doing anything with it). I don’t know whether my request is wrong and I need to change it or I’m not bypassing the certificate correctly. If I take out the myReq.GetResponse() I get no errors.This is my first attempt at trying this so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Is there anything in the server event viewer?

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If this is a development environment, and you have access to the application server, disable custom errors in IIS config.

I checked the Server Event viewer under errors and didn’t see anything that stood out.

Would that give us a better error message than just the 500 code?

Is your basic auth user:password encoded in Base64?

Obviously can’t tell.

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Yes, I’m just using exactly what I used in the curl command. The curl command works
Don’t know if this helps at all

Do you mean Epicor App Server log?

That url doesn’t look right:

Mine is:


Yours says:


I know it says odata, but I am on custom methods. Must map there.

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Thank you!!!

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No problem.