Manfactured or Sale Kit label printing

So we sell PM kits for tools as a manufactured part. If the customer buys one kit its a easy process of FM WB then allocate and print. but if they buy multiple and i want to have 1 label for each part i have to do some funky moves.
1st. allocate and print pick sheet for total quantities.
2nd. Unallocate and change job qty to 1.
3rd reallocate and print labels but what multiples i need from print prompt.
4th. Unallocate and change job back to the original qty then reallocate again.

Does anyone know of a way to print label split up into required quantities?
Ex. 4 kits call for 12x of PN 123. i need 4 labels of QTY 3.


Why are you not using the Sales Kit functionality?

We used it for some kitting. But it does not know how to split the labels.
If we sold two kits that had 3 parts on each kit and it was only 1 piece per part it would print out 3 stickers with qty 2 on them. i need it to print 6 stickers with qty 1 on them. Is the splitting a function i am missing?

Do you own Bartender? If not, I think you would need a flag to identify a part as being a kit and then changing the label report to behave differently when it detects a kit.

We do not. We may be going to a new ERP next year, most likely going to Epicor 10.
just surprised there isn’t a straightforward approach to it.