Manifest Code Error

We set up anew ship Via to send Fedex 2nd day AM and set the Code to 100. Shipping went to use that code and we got an error that says Manifest Error: Invalid Code.

Hi! Did you set up the Code in both Epicor (Package Code) and Manifest (Container Types) ?

Well, That may be why it isn’t working. how do I set the container types? I’ve never worked with Manifest until recently. Still learning.

Here are the steps that we use:
Open the Epicor Manifest program and log in.
Navigate to Maintenance>Container Types
Click the green + in the upper right hand corner to add a new record
Description: This must exactly match the Package Code you just created in Epicor.
Container Type: Choose box, envelope, or pallet.
You do not need to fill in any other information other than Description and Container Type.
Click Save
The box is now ready to be used in Customer Shipment Entry
Exit Epicor Manifest

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Thanks! Now, to find someone that knows the password. MY predecessor didnt’ leave it.

If it was setup by the Epicor Manifest team, they will have setup a user that they can log in as and reset your account.

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