Manifest/Quick Ship UPS Ground Freight

Hey all, anyone have experience with Manifest vs Quick Ship and UPS GFP? We are getting back rates from Manifest without Fuel Surcharges or Residential charges being added in.

I’ve had case CS0000729821 open with Epicor since Dec of 2017 regarding the issue with the fuel surcharges no resolution yet, but that was pre Quick Ship. I don’t want to rock the boat and switch if there are still issues with GFP shipments and their additional charges

I just installed QS500 for my E10 upgrade. I am doing some testing, so i will check this.

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I got the same rate with or without residential checked and I was using a residential address. I don’t know where to see if the fuel surcharge comes back from UPS, but i did not see any difference in the logs.

I am going to enter a ticket with support tomorrow asking about having the fuel surcharge broken out.

Reference my ticket CS0000729821
Also response from Support below on the surcharges portion.

I filed a ticket for the residential $40 charge missing CS0001730757