Manual MICR Check issue after upgrading to 10.1.500.37

When doing a manual check the payment number has to be entered on the AP Payment Entry for each payment. Then in Process Payments we previously always clicked Override and changed the next check number to match to the items in the Payment Entry (otherwise Process Payments would skip a number for each item, for example if you were doing one manual check #18, Process Payments would show #19 and you had to change it back to #18.

After the update when AP tries to override it comes up with an error saying that the check number must be unique. I have run several queries to make sure nothing was wrong with the check numbers and it appears fine. Process Payments is just seeing it as duplicate due to it being in Payment Entry.

Has anyone run into this?

Did you download the latest MICR Extension, I know you patched the DLLs on the Server… Did you also add the Client Deployment .ZIP file to be deployed to Clients?

Can you check on your Server in CSG Directory what your Date is for these 2 files: I remember in January we had an issue with the Payment Number not auto-increasing and more… So they sent us a fixed and apparently patched it on EpicWeb.

Also this fixes the Sequencing when MICR.
Just like the MICR one you had we had all because 500.31+ =)

All I can say the IEx has been very flaky and keeping the files on EpicWeb updated is not their best skill. Also don’t let the EpicWeb Datestamp fool you… It might say the Modified is December, 2017 but if you download it and inspect the contents of the .ZIP you will notice updated dates, must be a Sharepoint bug on EpicWeb.

We have done those things but the dates on those files in my server directory are 12/4/2017 rather than the 1/24/2018 that your image is showing. I had downloaded the newest MICR 10.1.500 files I could find on EpicWeb about a week or two ago, so I just now went back through the process and redownloaded and found that they were the same ones I already had.

So it appears that the EpicWeb files were never updated after they made the correction for you. My best bet then it seems is to let my ticket play out and hope they bump into the solution they did for you.

And actually on closer look I don’t even have the file Erp.Services.BO.PaymentEntry.dll. The file is not in my CSG directory on the server and it is not in the downloaded ZIP file from EpicWeb (either one of them).

They must have never added it to EpicWeb… I can send it to you in PM you can place it quickly in CSG and do a IIS Recycle and try it, its built for 10.1.500.x

As said the IEx Team is poorly managed, I am actually looking forward for them no longer to be IEx in 10.2 =)

That would be wonderful. I am heading out to a meeting but will be able to try it this afternoon. Thank you!

Same here at aptmt. Sent its in your Private Message on e10help.