Manufacturing cost

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We are considering changing the part costing method from STD to AVG.
When using AVG as the part costing method, is there a menu where I can see the manufacturing cost (details) for each part calculated by Epicor?
What data do you need to put in to calculate the manufacturing cost?
Thank you in advance

It’s not well-documented but Average Cost has a very specific meaning in Epicor: Average Inventory Cost. This means that Epicor calculates a new average every time there is a receipt to inventory: make or buy. If you drop ship or make direct, it does not calculate a new average cost.

If you want to know the average cost of all make parts, you’ll need to look at JobHead and write your own dashboard.


Part tracker show the current average cost. And these are stored in the partcost table. But like @Mark_Wonsil mentioned, these only get updated when parts are received into inventory. So, purchased items that get received to inventory, and manufactured parts that have job receipt to inventory performed. The average cost is primarily for calculating the value of the your inventory, and, while somewhat useful for seeing what something costs, is not a true average. It’s a weighted average based on what you have in inventory. So just be aware of that when using these numbers.


I think the manufacturing cost for each part can be easily made using the partcost table in BAQ.
but, all parts in our Epicor Part Tracke have no Avg.Labor/Avg.Burden/Avg.MtlBurden/Avg.Subcontract values.
So I want to know from which menu field I get the value of this field.(Indirect way rather than direct update by parts maintenance)
So I guess I can ask our users to put the correct values in the fields.

You have to check this box to keep those numbers split up. Your current cost all all of the cost of that part, because it’s not split. Check this box, and it will keep those numbers split up through the process.

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Thanks for your help.
After changing the setting, it will be applied from the next job, so I will check it when creating the next job.

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I checked this checkbox and then completed a new job. But still the above Avg values do not appear.
Where does this Avg.Labor/Avg.Burden/Avg.MtlBurden/Avg.Subcontract value come from? What do we have to enter for that value to appear?

Did you receive the item to stock? It will not populate those values on part tracker unless it is a transaction to stock location.

Look in part tran and you will see the costs there.

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Even without using Mfg Cost Elements, the elements of the material are still captured anyway.

For example,

  • Labor charged directly to the job goes to JobAsmbl.TLALaborCost and JobAsmbl.LLALaborCost
  • But rolled up labor - regardless of using “elements” or not - always goes to JobAsmbl.TLAMaterialLabCost and JobAsmbl.LLAMaterialLabCost

It’s been a while since I dove into all of this but I had to decipher it all when we switched from using the split elements to not using them anymore. We wanted a harmonized report that let us know each regardless of when the job was made.

And yes, as far as PartCost, it’s still critically important that it’s only an inventory (not direct) receipt that changes those PartCost numbers, as several have said already.


what does it say on Part Screen / Sites for the part that you are testing ?

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I have even completed the Job Receipt to Inventory task. But still no Avg.Labor/Avg.Burden/Avg.MtlBurden/Avg.Subcontract values. so i want to know if i didn’t type something.
And the costing method is Std. In case of Std, does this value not appear?

Cost method has to be average.

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I have found that those dollar amounts on MFG-STK actually take a few minutes to show up in the Part Transaction History Tracker screen, oddly enough.

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If your curious, there are actually some tables that hold deferred updates, and can sometimes take a while.


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I did not know this.

I wonder if this solves a GRNI issue I am seeing today…

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Where are these and what is this screenshot? I assumed it was from @hasokeric’s CHM file, and so I finally downloaded that, but I still don’t see these.


It’s from SQL. (SSMS). The tool I am using is redgate tools which gives you a lot of intellisense type stuff like that drop down.