Manufacturing from one plant, but pulling Materials from another

Hello Friends,

We want to manufacture parts at Site A, but we want the jobs to issue material for the jobs in Site A from Site B. Does anyone know if this is possible in Epicor?

I would say not without some customization.

Issue Material form has fields for Warehouse level (Warehouse & Bin)… but not Site.

So, you can issue from various warehouses on the SAME site. But not across sites. You would need to do a Transfer Order step, I would assume and bring it into an “onsite” warehouse before you can issue.

But again, this may be something you can customize around… but I’m not well-versed enough on multi-site to know if there are any pitfalls.

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Hi @sspiewak ,

There is no such standard feature in Epicor for issuing material to a job from a different site.

Best option is to use direct transfer order and then bring the material in the required site and then issue to job.

Note: “Direct transfer order” does not require a transfer order request to initiate the transfer of material, So this basically minimize the data entry.


I recently played with adding a plant and was able to share a warehouse and issue material. Epicor does a couple of transactions, but the issue process is the same.


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