Manufacturing receipt not going to a bin/lot record 10.2.700

Hey folks,

The customer is saying that parts manufactured on some jobs aren’t showing up in inventory. They can see the transaction, but they don’t see the on-hand balance it should create.

The first query dump is from PartTran with a filter on the lot number. These are the only two transactions in PartTran with this lot number.

These are both manufacturing receipts from jobs, and they show up in the manufacturing receipts tab on job tracker.

But in a query dump from PartBin filtered on the same lot number, I get only one record.


Part ST-HTW is a component part of 300-HTW, but has not yet been issued to a job.

I wonder why I don’t have a PartBin record for part ST-HTW. Any ideas? Could using the lot number for different parts/bins be an issue?



Have you checked Part Transaction History tracker for the movements that occurred? We had this when a user messed up and the running total column was 0.

Yes, the transaction history looks okay with a change in on-hand after the transaction. Will check again, though. :slight_smile: