Manufacturing Workflow Process Software

I’ve been tasked by my operations manager to try and find some software that will drive some kind of manufacturing build/SOP workflow for shop floor users. Has anyone come across anything like this?

So, an example. We build custom light fittings and have workers who can work on many different builds in a small space of time. We envisage the worker having a screen above their station. They select the product they want to build and it starts guiding them through the build. Text, videos, diagrams whatever. A bit like a PowerPoint presentation. Ideally it has a timer to time each build and knows who the operator is. At the end it could record some QA test results. Maybe a serial number. Then, back to the beginning to start again

Anyone done this?

I have used AssemblyX by LCT software at a previous plant. It is a cloud based work instruction/MES software which is exactly what you are looking for.

You go in make the work instructions, these can be very visual step by step instructions with each step calling out material IDs, Tooling, and PPE. These instructions are then accessed by the users at their work stations.

They have an upgrade that turns it into an MES with QA reporting. The software keeps track of how long the user has been in the operation, and when the operation is complete, the user can put in how many are completed and that data can be pushed to Epicor. If you have QA steps and Serialization steps that data can be entered at the step and pushed to Epicor.

It is a very robust software, and LCT software had a very good team to work with. If the software didn’t support something then you could get them to add it to their dev map.

We use something called Tulip. I’ve written about it here; it took a while to get the hang of it but I put together a decent guide on how to link it together with REST and some UI examples.

I like it and I’d say they all like it here.