Margin Dashboard

I have created a BAQ that shows us Margin. I would like the user to be able to pick what Margin number to filter by in the dashboard. I see how to filter in general, but need help in allowing the user to set their own margin, alongside the date (I already have the date figured out).

You can add a tracker view to the dashboard for the date and the margin.

I added the tacker, but it wouldn’t filter the results by the margin. So, I’m guessing its just not possible.

What are you filtering by ? greater than or less than? I have several of these since we want to look for low margins on bookings.

Less than or equal to. AMybe im doing it wrong. I’m assuming right click and Add Tracker. correct?

yes then check the fields you want to prompt for and then set the condition. if you want to do from thru conditions then you will need to use customize and add another field. There are examples in the ICE tools users guide for your version.