Marketing Campaign Search - Default to Active without creating a Quick Search

I would like to default the current Marketing Campaign Search to “Active” and need direction. Not looking to create a Quick Search

Named search set as default

Results in this

Can control if you want all rows and if it auto executes too

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Isn’t the named search a personalization, and cannot be applied across to all users?

Sure but you said you wanted to do it without a Quick Search. If you want it applied to everyone then you need to create a Quick Search and set that as default.

I was hoping that there was a way to set the Search like the Customer Search, The Customer Search Defaults to Customer Type “Customer”

That’s how Epicor has that screen designed. Unless you customize (i.e. replace) it with Quick Search or Named Search you can’t set some sort of global default no. Quick searches are awesome though since you can give your own rules and columns. Love em.

Yes, I will create the Quick Search. Thanks