Marking and Packaging Requirements

Hello all!
We are interested in adding our part marking requirements and packaging requirements to Epicor. We already have an operation for marking, so we are considering adding these details to that op’s comments.

How do you all run your part marking ops, and your packaging ops?
Can we tell Epicor which boxes and packing material to use? What if we have lots of options for packaging materials? The same is true for our marking procedures. There are all kinds of inks and marking methods we might use. We have all that documented on our part drawings with very minimal instructions on our Job Travelers. We would like marking/packing details to be right on the job traveler.

I am considering creating a new UD form and utilizing some UD tables to store specific marking and packing details. I really don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. I am sure Epicor must have a good way to do this already.

Thanks for your time and insight!

@NateS - Is this for product packaging, before it’s put into stock? Or is it for shipping?

If it’s packaging for stock, I’d add the box and dunnage as materials on the MOM/BOM to whatever operation does the packaging (which might be your part marking op…).

We sometimes specify boxes to use with a UD field for folks in picking/packing. You could use the part dimensions attributes, and have a BPM select the smallest box that’ll fit, if your packaging is a simple one box per part… Could feed the UD field a dropdown list of box sizes from User Codes…

For part marking details, how much information do you need? It could be as simple as operation comments on the job traveler… Or as complicated as a CAD drawing and external part marking file for your marking machine.

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Mainly for shipping. I think one or more UD fields might be the best approach. It would be nice to have images of the part marking attached to the job. Thanks for your input!

What I typically see is adding packaging materials on the MOM, with operation comments for details, and have the drawings as attachments. The operators can even view the drawings from MES.

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