Mass Deletion of lines in the grid on button click using app studio

Hi all,

Does anybody know how to delete multiple lines on the grid using a custom button? Let’s say in the supplier price list. I want to delete numerous part lines for any supplier by selecting some rows in the grid and hitting the button.

You’re going to have to add a selector to your grid that marks the rows for processing, then use the button to iterate through each selected row, set as current, and call the event-next widget for the delete tool. There’s a post I’ve made around here that shows how to iterate through grids. Alternatively, do the same selector thing, then, for the button, have it compile each selected row’s key into a delimited field, then send that field to a function server-side to use the BO to delete the lines, then have it refresh the page after the function is done.

Here’s a few screenshots on getting the selector set up:

  1. Add a new field called “Selected” to your view

  1. In the grid’s Grid Model > Selection Options mark “Checkbox Selection” as true

  1. In the grid’s Grid Model > Columns, add a new “Selected” column, set it as boolean, and mark it Editable and Selector

This will allow you to attribute the selection to a column in your view.


Then iterate off of the rows with that field and go from there.


Thanks hannah it worked :slight_smile: The existing dataview was read only. Even I tried to make editable it didn’t work. So I copy the dataview in my UD Dataview and then tried selectable. Which worked fine. Thanks again!

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