Mass Entering Quotes

Our sales department has requested that we add a way to enter multiple quotes (upwards of 30) at a time. They’ve tried using the duplicate quote function but when they change the customer it removes a lot of the data they wanted to keep. I suggested that we could possibly run a DMT to handle this since they are, for the most part, changing the customer and the ship to, and sometimes the REP, only. I was wondering if anyone has performed such a task or have any suggestions. I’m thinking I could possibly do it through an updatable BAQ/Dashboard as well since I’m more familiar with that area. I’m going to start building that first and do some testing, but if a DMT is possible/more convenient, I’ll opt for that.

What is the data it is getting removed?

I am presently doing a modification to enable the duplication of a quote keeping the qty, references, notes, and CRM calls … using a mixture of customization and BPM…

so far my testing works…


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Certainly you could handle this with some custom BPM methods. If the issue is solely that certain info is being lost on the cust change, I think I would suggest just passing a context to the (duplicate) BPM to let it know you want to keep that data (just a bool - CheckBox01, etc).

Then in the BPM before change - copy all the data you want to keep, then reapply it as needed.

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In reply to Pierre and Chris,

so it looks like a BPM is the best option. Since I’m not as experienced with BPMs as I would like to be I was hoping for a DMT-based solution, but knowing that this is possible through a BPM I’ll do a bit of trial and error until I can get something working. I appreciate the responses.

I had a similar need with Sales Orders for a previous company. We setup a series of Excel templates based on header, line and release. We could DMT all 500 3 line orders in with different shipto’s in less than 3 hours.