Mass print POs for one buyer only

We would like to use APR to send purchase orders to vendors. However, we have several buyers, each working with his/her vendors and POs. So we would like to use the Mass Print functionality but be able to limit it to the POs for that specific buyer.

We know that we can, in the APR rules, limit what actually gets emailed, but we think that the “ready for mass print” flag will be cleared whether or not the PO is actually sent.

Has any of you found a way around this?

Yes, was planning on doing that. What I wanted to ensure (and haven’t yet tested) is whether the “ready for mass print” flag will stay checked on the other buyer’s POs.

I know I can limit the output to the set of POs for a specific buyer; what I don’t know is whether or not the system clears the “ready for mass print” flag once the PO goes through the print logic, even if it doesn’t actually print.

Sam, try it in a test environment. If it clears the flag for transactions it shouldn’t, you can catch the event in a BPM and change it back. But you’ll need to test every situation in which the flag should (and should not) be changed. Best, …Monty.

That’s the plan. Just thought I would see if anyone had already gone through this and know the answer.

And the quick answer is… yes. There are several points in the process where you can limit the records being passed to the next step.

  • PO Suggestions Search can be limited by buyer.

  • When you click the “Buy” flag in PO Suggestion entry you can select only certain suggestions. BuyerID is not a column here because presumably you limited your search by buyer in PO Suggestions Search.

  • Actions | Generate Purchase Orders allows you to select all buyers or only one buyer.

  • Actions | Mass Print: one of the filters that can be applied is Buyer.

Printing the POs for one buyer does NOT removed the flag from the POs for the other buyer.

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