Mass update fields in an updateable BAQ

I have created a BAQ with information from the Part Maintenance and Part Rev table and I am looking for a way to update a UD date field with the information from the Effective Date field in the BAQ. Is there a way to accomplish this without having to open each record? My BAQ contains Part.Part#, PartRev.Rev#, PartRev.Effective Date and Part.Date01. I am looking for a way to populate Part.Date01 with the information showing in PartRev.Effective Date.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

If this is a one time thing, the DMT (Data Migration Tool) would make this a snap. I strongly suggest purchasing it.

You can use copy to excel to open the data in excel, copy/paste the Effective Date into the Date01 column and then copy the excel sheet and right click paste update in the dashboard.

I think you will need allow multiple row update to make paste update active. Also be sure the grid is positioned at the top.

Definitely practice in your dev area first.


Thanks for this information, could you tell me how I would make the past update active? I am not finding where I can do this.


I thought that option meant that you could accumulate several rows to change", and then allow a “single update” to process them all at once.

Wouldn’t you still have to “Save” to write all those rows?

I played with this and if you update rows manually you have to hit save to commit them. If you paste update it saves as it changes rows.

Good to know.

And did your testing include having the “Allow Multiple Row Update” unchecked, and using Paste Update of a single row? Just curious.

So I am still not able to do a paste update in either the BAQ or the Dashboard, I’m not sure what I"m missing. The dashboard doesn’t even have the option available when I right-click in the grid and in the BAQ the paste update is greyed out so not available. We are on version 9.05.702a if that makes a difference.

I started to do some testing to answer Calvin’s question and it did not make a difference on the multi row save. I had made the leap based on the one dashboard having paste update greyed out, but that made no difference.

I discovered that having Show Group by enabled in the dashboard makes the paste update not available.

Lori, did you click on the properties of the dashboard, select updateable,
and then click update all on the fields?

Then you have to deploy the dashboard as an assembly and not as a runtime

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Lori, this is for E10 but the setup is the same. Make sure your dashboard
properties are set to updateable = true then use the Update all or select
the fields you want to be updateable in the dashboard

From your Tools menu select Deploy Dashboard and check the Deploy Smart

When you put this on a menu you need to select Dashboard Assembly instead
of Dashboard runtime

Mark Wagner
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Capstone Alliance Partners 888.597.2227 Ext. 71
<888.597.2227%20Ext.%20714>2 | 904.412.6847 (cell)

Thank you so much for the information, I have been able to create an updateable dashboard and it seems to work perfect for what we need to accomplish.