Master Pack Issue

We are using Epicor 10.0.400.7 hosted by EMS and moving to Public cloud. We have an issue with using master packs with that I could not resolve. If we are shipping an order that has 90 units of a part and we need to ship them in multiple boxes, (4 master packs of 25 each) when we go to close the shipment it does not and we get an error message saying there is an open release. our orders have 1 release. Epicor says it’s a bug and not looking to work on it.

Has anyone encountered this? How did you resolve it? If upgrading supports this let me know. Does quick ship/manifest support this?

Thanks in advance


@GTI07094 I’m not sure I follow. My experience with Master Pack has been to have the Customer Shipments be the individual boxes and the Master Pack would be shipment of boxes.

Is there error coming in the Stage Ship Confirm step of marking the Master Pack shipped?

@John_Mitchell we do the same but when the units for a part span multiple customer shipments and we close the shipment, it’s been throwing an error. I have not had a moment today to reproduce but will and send the message.