Master Pack - Select Multiple Pack ID

When creating a Master Pack, I want the user to be able to enter multiple Pack IDs as this can be 1- many relationships. I have a quick search set to show all open pack ID’s for an Order. It returns the right data, but I can only select one pack ID, run do the steps and pick another. We sometimes have 100 or more pack ID’s for a given master pack.

  1. can I not return in multiple rows from the search?
  2. Is another way of doing this? Create a master pack, show all open pack ID’s for the order, add all the pack ID’s to the master pack.

I feel I am close and not sure what I am missing.

Yeah John, create an embedded dashboard that displays the masterpack number you are adding to and the pack ID that you want from shiphead. if you select those results you can copy and then do a paste insert on the summary panel.

Sorry @utaylor when I try that (and thank you BTW) I get he following error, Carton Detail Pack ID must be greater then zero. This occurs if I click paste insert or past update.

Is the status of the pack closed?

Go to the Summary page on the Masterpack and past packs there.


Yes it is closed?

Did you try to paste it on the summary tab and not the line list tab?

Sorry - yes the packs are closed. I have to look at the embedded Dashboard. Will let you know

I am not sure how to use a dashboard as a source.

John, can you confirm that it does update the master pack when you copy the rows of your baq to the summary grid on the summary panel?

Thank you Utah - but no I can not copy into the grid. Same errors. Either on summary page or lines tab

John, I can replicate your issue when I copy from an excel sheet where I put the masterpack number = my masterpack number and the pack number = 0.

Something is going on when you are copying or pasting and the pack number is not coming over. That would be my guess. Can you try copying your baq results to excel and then copying from excel into the summary grid? @GTI07094

Interesting point right now. I was able to add the records with copy and paste if I entered the first line (pack id).

Something is weird.