Material Allocation against Job order (FIFO)

Hi All,

I want to allocate material before i print pick list for job. So, below step will there for job order issue.

  1. Create & Release Job order.
  2. Automatically Allocate material as per FIFO.( If any such function is available in EPICOR)
  3. Print pick list. ( It should consist of item /qty with Serial number or Batch no/Lot no based on FIFO)
  4. Pick material ( Nothing to do with EPICOR as it is manual activity)
  5. Issue material in EPICOR… ( I want this should be “One Click” for whole picklist issue as material is already allocated to it . It means system know which one to issue against)

Can this be achieved in EPICOR? If yes , How?

Awaiting your reply on it.


Hi Vipul,

Did you find a solution to the process above?

We have a similar workflow.

Hi Moe not really… still finding best solution.