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Does anyone know where I can access material availability based on a scheduling change? With our supply chain issues we have been having to change our schedule often and there is no way for us to easily determine when rescheduling if a part number will not be available.

Is there any easy way you can take a subassembly part number or mps entry part number and load it somewhere to see what you are short and where?

On a per job basis you can go into job tracker, click on the actions menu and choose material availability option. There is an exceptions only checkbox that defaults to on. If it errors out then the system thinks you have what you need for the job dates. If turn off the exceptions only checbox then all the materials will show.

Another tool is the fulfillment workbench and go to the job fulfillment tab. Search/select the job(s) and the system will show you if you have the materials. This may only work for stock materials.

Finally if you are using constrained materials the job scheduling board will show these on the right Detail tab at the bottom per job.

Note also that the job scheduling board has the same actions material status option like the job tracker does.

@RDabbour Here is a dashboard and baq that should get you started. I got it here on the forum, but can’t find the thread to credit. Anyway it uses PartDtl and does a running summary. In this version it is Job Material and POs. Any negative running summary shows your demand is ahead of your supply. If you want to know ahead of scheduling then you can set a what if schedule on your job and make a version that uses the WI material dates instead.

TimePhaseJobMtlPO.dbd (220.4 KB)

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