Material/Operation is not on file or it has no pending purchase requirements

Created an RFQ, as a job needs a part added. Completed the RFQ, then going to create a Purchase Order, I add a line, click “Job Material”, I add the Job Number, Part/Rev then Quantity, then I click “Save” and I get the message

Material/Operation is not on file or it has no pending purchase requirements.

Going through other closed posts I see that some have fixed it by adding the Material to the job, maybe checking it as “Purchase Direct” and everything else, no one seems to have this corrected, or really worked around. The above has not worked for me though. I am on Epicor 10.2.600.3

Does anyone have a potential fix for this?

Fixed it by adding the part to Materials in a Job, setting Purchase direct, Adding a Unit Cost and make sure to enter the “Qty/Parent”.

After that going back to the Purchase order, Enter the Line for the part, select “Job Material” Add the part from “Part/Rev…”

After that, add the Job number then click “Mtl…” then make sure to add the material you just added to the job there.

Add Supplier/Our Qty and unit price and veirfy the Due Date is correct, then you can click Save and it should all work.

Not to bring up an old thread that was answered - but does anyone know if this is a bug or a feature?

I ran into this issue today doing a quote to cash practice, creating jobs, and trying to order materials for those jobs. Items not on the material lists gave this error.

We do run into the need to purchase things not referenced in a job material list as we build custom machinery…

Is there a way around this other than going back and adding the item to the job material list first?

You can purchase it as other or for inventory and not reference it to Job. However, at some point you will have to add it to job to be able to issue to that job.

Ok thank you

Another option you may want to look into @anon99908839 is Planning Contracts. This lets you buy materials for a particular reason and soft-allocate for that project. It’s been around for a few years and may work for you as well. Search the site here for more information.

Are you using the Projects module? I worked for an in-line metrology company and we used Epicor Projects.

We are using projects module. One of the selling points for this software was that we can tie purchases to jobs. Unfortunately nobody told us that in order to do that you have to have all the materials in the job itself before you can tie the PO to it, so it’s not a bi-directional deal… That really kind of sucks because of the nature of what we do… everything is custom, so 100% of the time we have to order things not on the original material list in the job itself… I thought this would be a great way for us to track unintended costs, or mistakes in quoting… but due to the way Epicor handles it, we can’t do that. It will require going into the job first, adding the material, then purchasing it… so cumbersome and really not what we thought we were getting.

If you have a Planning Contract assigned to the Project, you can buy against it instead of a Job and then you can consume it when you’re ready for it.

The bigger gripe of projects that most Project users have wanted for years, is the ability to Ship Inventory against a project.

Like I said, I am quite familiar with your business model. We made laser metrology systems (Perceptron, now Atlas Copco) that were the eyes for robots and measured installation afterwards. Everything is custom.

Nice. I use a Creaform laser scanner for reverse engineering. Familiar with that world.
We’ve done reverse engineering of robotic welding fixtures to create real-world models for offline programming.

I’ll look at the planning contract, I did see that box in the PO form. Thank you.