Material Request Queue - 10.1.500.11

In 9.05.702 you can see all unselected orders to be picked regardless of who or what warehouse team we sent the order to. In E10.1.500.11 orders are visible in the Material Queue Manager but not visible in the Material Request Queue. I can log in as the user the order were sent to but it has been handy to still have all un-selected orders available to choose from without having a supervisor change who can pick the order. I haven’t found this as a documented change so just checking with other users before I report to support.

Kristine Fierce
Business Systems Analyst

Ag Leader Technology

You can assign a team and a user when releasing to picking. Everyone in the warehouse team then sees it. Can’t see all orders for picking though.

Correct. I was able to log in a user on a warehouse team to see some of the orders we have sent to picking but there is still a number in limbo. It does not seems to be documented anywhere that this was an intended change which is what worries me. We are coming across some more like this as we dig deeper into our testing.

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On 10.1.400 I can see unselected items in the material queue. Shouldn’t
matter but are we talking MES or in the full app?

Both MES and Full App. I am trying to figure out if this was a change that was not supposed to happen. If it was working to see all in 10.1.400 then I am wondering if something got coded differently unintentionally for 10.1.500 since there are no documentation of any change. Thank you.

I am on 10.1.400.23 and if you assign a pick to a team then anyone in the team can see it to select. If you assign it to team and a person everyone in the team can still see it. If you don’t assign a team then I think every person can see it to select. Once a person selects it only they can see it.
There is a difference between assigning and selecting it.

You are right. What is not the same in 10.1.500 is that before a person has selected the record to their own queue the records are not all showing in the unselected list.

Not sure if you’ve got your answers, but I find out that If we don’t click Yes when it prompted “Do you want to print the released items?”. The request would skip the Material Queue Manager.