Material Rounding

Where is the setting to have the material round after QTY/Parent?

All of the rounding is determined by the UOM. I don’t think there is any setting for when it rounds.


If your referring to “rounding up” to account for scrap and loss, that would be in the scrap settings.

Lik if cutting a 10" lengths of wood with a saw blade that is 1/16", you’d add a scrap of 0.0625 IN. So that making 16 pieces, would acutally require 161 inches (10 x 16 + 1/16 x 16)

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I figured it out. Our material was showing like 1.83 sheets instead of 2 sheets. Well, someone changed the UOM to decimal, 2 places. When I cahnged it back, it worked as before. So this leads me a business meeting with those involved in this.

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