Material Shortage Without Job Release

Hi All,

What is the best way to find out material shortage/availability without creating job? There is no Sales order for it.
Idea is only create a job when 100% Material is available.

We have Bills of Material and demand Qty.
Is there any inbuild or standard EPICOR function/report which will tell us or it is a customization?


Production Planner Workbench will identify shortages (as they exist at job start date), but it requires some backup tasks - namely MRP and Production Planner Workbench Generation.

If your plan is to identify shortages based upon job start dates, that will work.

Additionally, you could constrain all items, that will definitely prevent jobs from being created prior to material availability (as defined by PO line release due date).

Hi Gil,

Thanks for your reply. Production planner workbench is good if you have already created or released job.

what I am looking is, without releasing job i need to find out material availability. which means I have only Bills of Material & Qty to build.

What is the solution for above situation.?


MRP will create unfirm jobs, and Production Planner Workbench includes all jobs - both released and unfirm - when evaluating and identifying shortages.

You could run the Availability report.

Production Management \ Engineering \ Reports

Select your part number and revision, Enter the Qty.

Set it to Exceptions only to see the shortages

Thanks Gil i got it…

Woow Chris , thats cool, I was exactly looking for it.