Material Tags (Receipt Entry / Actions / Print Tags)

When in Receipt Entry, if I go to Actions > Print Tags, the resulting datasets do not contain information such as:

  • PackNum
  • PackLine
  • VendorQty
  • etc.

Normally this would not be a big deal. I’d create a new RDD and/or BAQ, a custom report, and toss the new report style into the system and drop the report somewhere into the "Production Management’ menu tree. However…that wouldn’t work in this situation, as this report is being called from the Actions menu on the Receipt Entry screen.

So this is my question: How do I know what parameters “Actions > Print Tags” sends to Erp.UIRpt.MtlTags, and is there a way for me to modify it somehow so that I can include additional fields of information that are on the “Receipt Entry” screen?

@jhecker Here is a write up that I used to pass additional information to the tag printing process.