Materials List "Red Dot" Data

Is there a field that indicates the status of materials versus demand? Our materials team uses the color coded dots next to the materials list, but they are forced to look into each job individually and manually create a list of parts that have a demand higher than on-hand. Does anyone know if the “red dot” has a field or where that logic can be found? I can recreate it through a BAQ, but it seems like a waste to do so because Epicor has already created the logic in order to color code the dots.


Look at the “Time Phase” program… if you right-click on the Part Number in the Detail to the right (where it says Part/Rev), then select the Open With… option, and then Time Phase. This will open the part up in a program showing supplies and demands for that particular part number.

I recommend the Production Planner Workbench to see all of your shortages in one place

Production Management>Job Management>General Operations>Production Planner Workbench

I run it right after our MRP runs. It will take some trial and error to get the parameters that fit you best.

You will end up with a list of raw material shortages and the jobs that need them…the logic is dependent on the parameters you choose.

Once you have your collective list of shortages, you can right click into the part number, go to Time Phase and see the purchase order receipts that are expected.


I completely agree with @bmathenge the Production Planner Workbench is an often overlooked gem. It does take some patience to understand the many different (flexible) ways the dashboard works, but once you understand it, it’s the best tool for identifying shortages.
(I’ve had clients that created their own dashboard for something like this because they didn’t know this existed.)

UPDATE: Almost forgot, for the Production Planner Workbench to work for you, you need to run the Production Planner process at least daily so update the data in the Production Planner Workbench.


Thank you. I didn’t know about this and I’ve been digging into it. However, I can’t get anything to show up in the workbench. I ran the Production Planner Processing first and then go into the Workbench, and it doesn’t display anything. Am I completely missing something?

Red Dot:

  • Not enough stock is available to satisfy this material’s requirement.
  • The Job Material is now overdue.
  • The job material is from stock, and is coming from a different site, from which the material cannot arrive by the Job Material Required Date
  • The job materials PO release (if purchased) does not have a received quantity, or will not be here before the Material Required Date.
  • The job material is backflushed, but the backflush location did not have enough on-hand quantity to cover the requirement, and neither does the job material’s warehouse plus the backflush warehouse.
  • The job Start Date is in the past. In this case, there may be enough material quantity available, but because the Start Date is in the past, the material is considered late.

@bmathenge @Rick_Bird Thanks for this. It’s really a good option which I never know.

You can also have a quick view of the on-hand quantity



Has anyone mastered the many Options on the Production Planner Workbench Process ? We are trying to establish ‘shortages’ and have leaned heavily on Multi-Level Pegging which details where the supply is coming from and when, but would love to better understand how these submitted parameters make the Dashboard useable? Anyone got this thing working well?