[Maybe Spam] [OT] XO Communications - References?

Avoid Allegiance like you would the plague. I switched over to them a couple
of years ago when it looked like our old provider might not emerge from
bankruptcy, and the cut-over was a like a bad dream, 'cept I never woke up.
I got out of the 24 month contract I signed within 60 days citing


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We are in the process of terminating MCI/Worldcom as our local & long
distance phone service. Analysis and review of several alternatives, both
local and national, has turned up XO Communications (including recently
acquired Allegiance Telecom) as the highest scoring as well as lowest cost

Do any of you in the group have experience with either XO or Allegiance that
you would be willing to share with me, either on or off list? After being
severely "burned" by both MCI/Worldcom and AT&T I am very hesitant to sign
up with anyone without checking as thoroughly as possible.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.
Woodbury, MN

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