Memo Migration with DMT

I am trying to migrate 25k Part Memos and I can’t make it work. Sometimes when I open it, it says it needs Key1ColumnName. I use that and it validates but then every row fails with ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’.

I take that to mean that it wants the RelatedToSysRowID. But for a migration process, that’s pretty unreasonable, as that means I have to extract all of the SysRowIDs for the migrated parts, load them to a temporary location and map them to the Memos to build the load file, rather than the DMT making the connection via the PartNum as specified in Key1. Even though it’s kind of crazy, I tried it for a small sample and on the first try it now told me that the Key1ColumnName shouldn’t be in the file… so I dropped it.

The load then seemed to finish with no errors. But then I checked the UI and the tables and NOTHING had actually been loaded.

What am I missing? How can I load this large volume of Memos using DMT the way it’s supposed to work.

Since the data is memos, Any chance that there is embedded line breaks in the records, and this is throwing off the import process?

No line breaks that i can locate. But the bigger issue is why it sometimes asks for the column name, sometimes says it shouldn’t be there and only seems to run at all if you include the SysRowId of the referenced Key1, which is not easy to get into migrating data. It should be able to migrate using the key1 value and the column name the key refers to.