MenuID SVGO0013 and SVGO0014 is not valid for the current user

Part Tracker and PO Tracker are not accessible when we try to open in a few menus by right clicking the related field even with Security Manager access, and it appears that these Menu IDs are not found in Menu Maintenance.

Do you have Shop Vision licensed?

The “Open With …” selects a specific menu to use. Enable Developer mode, then use “Open With…” to see the Menu that is used.

For example “Open With … Part Tracker”

So the sec settings have to be set in menu SVGO0013


SVGO0013 is the menu under Exec Analysis -> Trackers -> Part Tracker.

The security settings for SEC183 are what are applied to “Open With … Part Tracker”

You can change the menu item used by the Right Click, by using Context Menu Maintenance.

all the setting are correct. I suspect the trackers has been deleted. Is there any way to trace who deleted it.

In DB exists, but in epicor menu is missing

I don’t think there’s any easy way to determine who deleted a menu item.
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I don’t think you can delete System Menus. We have the Exec Analysis module. Maybethats why we have those menu items.
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Either recreate it, or just reassign a different menu in the Context Menu Maint.

If you want to re-create the original menu item, here are the details:

To re-assign it, you can search for the menu to use. Pick any of the following:

Note: the user might need access to the “folder” where that process resides, in order to use it.

For example, if you assign it to IMGO3002, that is in the menu path:
Material Mngmnt -> Inventory Mngmnt -> Geneal Ops. If the user does not have access to all of those menu folders, they might not be able to launch the Part Tracker from the Right Click.

Hi, thanks alot for the steps. I will try this.

I saw this same thing happen on a system the was uplifted from E9 to 10.1.500. It’s possible the menu structure changed between versions. Ultimately, we had to customize the context menu item like @ckrusen suggested.

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i re-create the Menu

Example: Purchase Order Tracker.

Unable to reassign the module to SV.

Please advice.

You can’t change that. Leave it as UD, and you should still be able to select this Menu ID in Context Menu Maintenance