Merge duplicate parts

Any best practices out there to take 2 parts that are in part master table, pick one, inactivate the other but merge sales/usage/purchase history?

We have found a couple of parts that are identical but I haven’t researched how to best merge them and make one an internal reference to the other.

As far as I know, you can’t. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has done it though.

Make the one you want to stop using as “Run Out”, and add the part you want to keep as an Alternate.

If anyone enters the “old” part, they’ll get the “Runout” warning. and a suggestion to use the “new” part.

Once all demand, QOH, and open PO’s hare at zero for the old part, mark it inactive.

I made a dashboard that would show everywhere the “old” parts were being referenced (BOM’s, Job Mtl, Orders, PO’s, etc…). Then I could fix those instead of waiting for them to run out.

If all demand is satisfied, but you still have QOH, do Qty Adj of the old to zero it, and a Qty Adj of the new, to get it back into stock.

That doesn’t do anything to merge the history though.

Thanks @ckrusen. I have already set the part we don’t want to use as inactive. I haven’t done the alternate part. I would like to completely wipe the old part out and have it just be an internal xref.

But @Banderson is correct this doesn’t “merge” history.

Other than a very ill advised SQL UPDATE query …

What We did was to add a field to the part master to hold the “old” number. Then created some BAQs to use as a lookup.

One BAQ we made acts like the Part Tran History. Except it retrieves transactions for both Part.PartNUm and Part.OldPN_c (and I think any of the Alternate P/Ns)

We replaced XCHM#8 with CB-0001

We also created a “Old P/N” quick search. Then anywhere you could search for a P/N, a user could search by the old P/N, but it would return the new one.