MES clocking out the wrong people

Vantage 8.03.409C Progress. We have something strange going on where an employee is ready to clock out of a job, so they log into MES, highlight their clock-in record and click the End Activity button, report their qty, and submit, but somehow Vantage ends up actually clocking out a different employee name (who wasn’t even working on that same job) and links the wrong employee name to the clock out record. The employee who gets wrongly linked to the record will always be another employee who had an active record in a different job – that is when this becomes apparent, because that other emplopyee will eventually try to clock themselves out, only to find that somehow magically their record was already punched out. I submitted a ticket with Epicor about a year ago on this, and they couldn’t find anything (since I couldn’t reproduce at will). But then the problem stopped. Now it has started again. I was wondering if anyone else ever experienced this. Thanks in advance!

Adam Whipp