MES downtime hours

We are trying to use the MES downtime feature. I see on the forum it is not liked that well by some.

I do like that it tracks the downtime by resource and job, unlike the indirect activity option.

Is there a labor detail field that holds these downtime hours? it looks like I have to calculate this with the clock in/out and then subtract it from the prior labor hours transaction?

We are trying to analysis true production time versus machine down time.

Has anyone done this?


We have implemented downtime tracking in Epicor MES, and like you said, it leaves a bunch to be desired. You are correct, it does not calculate the number of hours of downtime, you need to do that yourself.

One other thing to note, is that it tracks downtime by employee, not job. The net effect of this is that it will not track correctly if an employee goes into downtime, moves to another job, and that job needs downtime as well. Taking either job out of downtime takes both jobs out of downtime.