MES Labor TX Auto-Approval Time Limit Question

The company has done nothing to set up the Site Time & Expense Module in the Site Configuration nor for the Time & Expense tab of the Employee Record. Everything is pristine.

Employees are using MES to enter labor and quantity transactions, Supervisors are using Time & Expense Entry to correct errors in time and quantity.

The use of the “Recall” utility seems to have a hard cut off, looks like 24 or 48 hours. The cutoff shuts down both the ability to “Recall” a transaction to correct and the ability to correct the errors.

Does anyone have a handle on what the time fences are on the Time & Expense ability to correct MES transactions given that no parameters have been set up at the Site or Employee level?

Hi Robert,

I know that Recall goes away after Capture COS/WIP processing. “Once you post - you’re toast.”

Mark, Many, Many thanks…I never made that connection. Absolutely correct!!