MES Report Quantity

I am very new to the Report Quantity function, but we would like to start using it in a dashboard. I am having a hard time finding the fields since it is all marked External. It seems that the quantities reported get summed up on the LaborDtl under LaborQty, but we would like to be able to get a breakdown of this sum - when was the quantity reported, how much was reported at that time, who reported it, etc.

Thank you in advance!

you can see all of that in job tracker on the operation > labor transactions.

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Hi Craig, thanks for your reply.

I just did some testing and it looks like the labor transaction only records the sum quantity of the labor detail record. We will be doing multiple Report Quantity clicks and would like to know more details.

E.g. if the labor transaction says there is 80 completed quantity on 5.25.2023, we would like to see
10:00 am logged 24 qty on the Report Quantity screen
12:00 pm logged 24 qty
2:00 pm logged 15 qty
4:00 pm logged 17 qty

We do start then end activity with a quantity and that creates and then updates one labor dtl record.

Are you reporting quantities and staying clocked into the operation?

Yes sir.

Interesting. Assuming the labordtl is getting updated with the new quantity then you could write a bpm to take the current and new quantity deltas and write them to a UDxx table with as much of the labordtl info as you wanted.

Hi Greg, thanks for the reply. Since then I have been trying to write the values as a new record in the UD Table. Do you happen to know how I can achieve this? I am able to write a new record if I am already in the UD Form, but I wasn’t able to do the same when I am in another form.

Not knowing if you are a code or widget person here are some threads. There are others if you search for UD and UpdateExt.

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I will look into these, thanks!