MES Report Quantity

Doe anybody use the MES report quantity feature?
We use it because someone may be clocked into a job all day, but they send parts to the next operation, so we report those. What we’re finding, though, is it does not consume backflushed material when doing this.

If we did a cycle count at any point during the day, these materials that have already been pulled and used to complete some finished product would be still showing in inventory.

Is there any setting that could be changed as far as when materials get backflushed? Could it be changed so that when we report a quantity, it backflushes the material then?

You can use the issuematerial adapter to do this when they report quantity instead of a true backflush.

We do it with Lot tracking. They click a button that replaces OK on report Quantity, it issues the material to the job then performs a click on the actual OK which they can’t see.

We also see this issue with the labor. Nobody sees that the quantities are completed until they end activity. We have another customization for that also.

The backflush doesnt occur until the user clocks out of activity - EndActivity

@mmcwilliams most of our methods are set to backflush material. I would assume I would have to turn that off for everything if I went this route, right?

I might shy away from it because of that.

@Chris_Conn didn’t you tell me anything was possible with the power of programming??

I would think so. Without the DMT that would for sure be a pain.

lol you know how people get old cringeworthy tweets from the past dug up on them? This is the instant epicor version of that lol.

You can write your own logic to report that labor - bypassing the EndActivity. In fact I think there are posts of me doing exactly that somewhere here on the forum. The downside is your LaborHead\LaborDtl tables are gonna get bigger. I dont think that’s necessarily a problem, just something to consider.

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