MES Scrap Qty Missing in ERP 10.2

Hello community,
This may be a simple or glaringly obvious question, but I am trying to find a reported scrap quantity and I don’t see any transaction in the system.

Our welder reported 4 sub-assembly parts as a scrap quantity through MES. I see this in Labor Transactions on the Job, his time entry, and I also see this in the Production Detail report. I do NOT see this in Non-conformance or in Inspection Processing. There are no entries in Part Transaction History Tracker. Where could this part have gone?

Any and all help is much appreciated.

When logging out of an operation, there are 3 areas to enter a quantity. Current which is the good quantity, Scrap which is the bad quantity, and Non-Conformance which is the questionable quantity. Here is what each of them does.

Current moves that quantity onto the next operation

Scrap makes the quantity disappear but leaves the cost on the job. It was determined that these parts were no good and thrown away.

Non-Conformance creates an NCR for quality to check. The quantity can be approved back to the job or rejected to a DMR.