MES Shift Select Custom Form Unable to deploy it

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to add a simple Shift Description for our shop employees when they Clock In. I have customized the ShiftSelect and in Developer Mode it works perfect. However, I am unable to get that specific customization to show up when I am in Menu Maintenance. I have added it to All companies, I am able to customize the main MES Screen with no problem, just not able to get the Shift Select to pull the customization. Any info in the right direction would be great! I am working on 10.2.500


Yeah, deploying MES Customizations for the first time can be “interesting”
and steps change depending on which MES form you’re trying to modify.

If you have access to EpicCare there are a few knowledgebooks that can help.
Maybe start out with this one?
“CUST MES Steps to deploy a Customization to MES Select Shift Menu.KB0088722”

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Thanks Bruce! I will check it out!