MES shortcut downdates Kinetic

We had a minor Epicor update over the weekend (2021.2.13) Now the MES shortcuts on the machine shop PCs downdate Epicor and it cannot run. Our MES shortcuts are set up to use a separate sysconfig file and are in the startup folder so that MES auto-logs in when the PC is rebooted. The only difference in the separate sysconfig file is the auto-login parameters:

This is what happens when MES is run after the upgrade:

  • It downloads and runs, then downloads and runs
    2022-03-23 10_53_32-Auto Update

  • Then it shows this error:
    2022-03-23 11_10_48-Launch Error

Running the regular Epicor shortcut re-updates Epicor and restores functionality:
2022-03-23 11_01_47-Auto Update

Has anyone else discovered this bug, and if so have you found a workaround?

Definitely report that one. Eek.

I did, and the best I got in response was a KB article that didn’t even relate:
KB0029263 - Auto-Login Clears Out Username/Password after Upgrade

So, I am on prem and not having that issue of course, but what you are saying seems pretty clear.

  1. Run Epicor (not MES) and client updates to 2021.2.13.
  2. Run MES and Epicor “updates” to some lower version (2021.2.11?)

If that’s what you mean, you need to escalate the issue. There’s a list of support managers somewhere…

Huh. It’s on EpicWeb, not EpicCare.


And click the PDF link. (Bottom of page 6 - Kinetic support)


Obviously I’m not going to post the actual document in a public forum.

But don’t be shy to escalate. That’s what Leigh has told me - and she is one of the senior support heads.

Much as I do complain, they really do try their best there.