MES & Time Entry

Hello all, let me first say we are trying to do a implementation by ourselves. We are daily using Vista version 6 and hope to go live with Epicor 10 July 1st.

Has anyone used the MES for tracking EE time that was not a shop floor employee. An office person that is not a user, clocks into the data collector and chooses indirect activity? That is currently what they are doing in Vista. Any advice would be most appreciated, thanks.

Yes, that is what we do here for our Maintenance employees. They don’t ever clock into a production job, so they’re clocked into Indirect all day. (We’re on 10.2.300.11.)

Then there time is pulled into the Time & Expense Entry like production workers for approval. How do you handle office employee’s time?

So have you created a resource group for the all day indirect?

Yes, we have a couple resource groups that the all-day indirect employees use.
Our handful of hourly office employees do not use Epicor to record/report their time.

Check the Office MES functionality

Now I have time that says partially posted and cannot be changed, any words of wisdom?