MES User and Employee

I recently showed some users that have their own work PCs how to use Office MES to log their time and quantity. In the past all users would go to a central data collection PC that only runs the MES. They would punch in the employee ID, clock in, and start production activity for a job.

I attached the Epicor user ID to the correct employee ID (in User Account Security Maintenance > Company > Detail > Employee), however this is when those users could no longer use the data collection computer. When they type in their employee ID at the MES, it prompts them to login as their Epicor user and password.

Did I miss something in the setup? I expect that uses with an employee ID can use that ID to log time against a job anywhere. Either at their desk using office MES, or at the data collection PC using regular MES.
Thanks for your time!

Nope, that is what happens when you link an employee to a login. They can still use an MES station, they just need to log in with their standard Epicor credentials.

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They can only do this if I let them run multiple sessions, since they are always logged in at their PC. I just thought it would be the same for them using the data collection PC. Now it takes more steps for them to log time unless that are at their desk. I guess I can see how this is “working as designed”. :roll_eyes:

Ah, yes. You could allow them to have multiple sessions :man_shrugging:t2:

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And eat up all our licenses? No way! :stuck_out_tongue: