MES - web based Cloud - page loads as blank

Hi Everyone - I was doing some testing on the MES URL (web only - no smart client) in Pilot - public cloud Kinetic 2021.2.3. I found that if I log in as a Security Manager, the page loads as it should. But if a user without Security Manager attempts to log in, the log in is successful but nothing shows up on the Home Screen. It is simply an empty shell. I have created a case for this, and Epicor has assigned a problem to it PRB0239469 but I do not have an ETA. They are only telling me “in a future release”.

Our Production environment works as expected. We have had terrible luck with the smart client versions of MES (both classic and kinetic). We have been happy with the web based one. I’m very nervous that once this upgrade goes to Production, I will have to grant Security Manager access to the “Shop” login.

If you have experienced this, I’d love to hear from you. If you haven’t, and are using the web based MES, be on the lookout for this bug.

We are on public cloud - so not sure if this would have same impact in a hosted environment.

Also - I tested this problem on a machine that has never been tainted by Epicor and the behavior was the same.

If curious, the MES Pilot URL for us is (change the XXX to your environment)[SaaSXXXPilot]/Apps/ERP/Home/#/login?mode=mes

We had this same problem, and they claimed it was fixed in the last update. 11.22.3 I think?

The NEW issue we are having, is after doing a day of testing with a single employee, it has been confirmed by the shop supervisor that MES web client is not recording her labor transactions.

He has no record of the 15+ jobs that she worked on yesterday, while the rest of the staff is working fine with the Full MES client.

Same as you, We heard from support that Kinetic 2022 will fix it, and of course… no ETA on that.

Odd. - Haven’t seen that behavior but will keep an eye out for it. We are using Quantity Only for labor tracking and so are relying on labor standards and not actual labor but still want to know when they clocked in and out. Did you check the employee’s labor rate? It should default to her resource but have also heard that it depends.

BTW - the blank MES load has been fixed with this latest update on 11/14/21. But now when we clock in to a job using the cloud MES, we receive an error that says we don’t have Advanced Manufacturing license (which is true but we should still be able to use MES). Click OK and all is well. Until you clock into another job - everytime you get the error. If you have multiple jobs open at once you (joy!) get the error for as many times as how many jobs you have open. A huge pain and one that I’m not willing to subject our employees to until fixed. So we’re using the client based MES for now.

Bummer, this should have been caught in testing by Epicor. I wonder if anyone else has this issue.